Welcome to Bob’s Project Notebook

You’ve stumbled onto my stash of project notes. I hope you’ll find useful information here. A quick explanation of what you’ll find here is in order.

What is this place?

I’m a firm believer in Rubber Duck Debugging, the process of solving a problem by explaining it. The idea behind this process is that, as one attempts to clearly explain a problem, the solution often becomes obvious. One needn’t consult an expert so much as try to frame the problem – whether to a human or an inanimate object such as a rubber duck – to benefit. These notes are my attempts to fully understand a variety of tech-releated problems by explaining them. In this case, to a text editor.

Here’s more on the Rubber Duck Troubleshooting methodology.

Who is this guy?

I’m Bob. I’ve been making my way in this world doing computer, programming, network and cyber security work as a designer, integrator, installer, maintainer, trainer and consultant for a very long time. It’s in those last two roles that I’ve found this approach quite useful.

Standard disclaimer applies

Be forewarned that I don’t claim to be a particular expert in any of these topics. I’m not charging for admission, nor am I generating ad revenue from these pages. I do hope that my explanations of these project challenges will be useful. If not, may I suggest explaning your problem to a rubber duck?

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Contact and feedback

You can find me on Reddit where I lurk in many of the tech subreddits.

Last updated on Mar 18, 2019