10.2. Filament manufacturers & suppliers (US-based)

There are more filament manufacturers today than one person can reasonably keep up with. Here’s a short list of US-based manufacturers that produce high-quality filament at prices competitive with the online giants, often with equally competitive shipping.

I have personal experience with these firms as a US-based customer. Availability and suppliers vary widely around the world, so be sure to check into local sources.

Please remember there are cost-effective filament sources that are competitive with Amazon on pricing and even shipping. Be sure to check out the suppliers and manufacturers that directly support the 3D printing community in your area before ordering.


These notes are based on my experiences with the Prusa i3 Mk3 and Artillery/Evnovo Sidewinder X1 printers. If you are using a different printer, please verify the hardware details are similar.

10.2.1. Filament suppliers

I’ve dealt with a number of resellers who stock a wide variety of filaments and can ship them quickly and inexpensively throughout the US.

  • MatterHackers has a wide variety of filaments and 3D printing supplies. MatterHackers produces their own filament, including their “Build” economy series, as well as stocking several popular brands. They offer free shipping that is as fast as Amazon Prime. Free shipping.

  • MicroCenter resells Inland filament both online and in their brick & mortar stores. Inland PLA+ is reportedly repackaged eSun PLA+, and is consistently good quality. MicroCenter also sells limited quantities of specialty filaments.

  • PrintedSolid offers free 3-6 day shipping and a wide variety of filaments and 3D printing supplies. PrintedSolid produces their own “Jessie” series filament as well as a variety of other brands. Free shipping on orders over $45.

  • FilamentOne manufactures filament in-house, and offers free shipping in the US.

  • Partsbuilt 3D is a small 3D shop that offers some interesting products and filaments. Shipping is not free, but service is fantastic. They’re happy to accommodate odd requests.

10.2.2. Filament manufacturers

  • 3DXTech offers some high-tech filaments.

  • 3D Solutech produces filament, including large 5Kg spools. They run frequent promotions.

  • Atomic Filament manufactures filament in-house, including 3.5Kg spools and very nice carbon-fibre. They offer free shipping for orders over $50 via priority mail in the US.

  • Gizmo Dorks produces a variety of 3D printing supplies and filaments. Gizmo Dorks uses a translucent spool that allows easy viewing of the amount of filament remaining. Free shipping.

  • Mad Maker Filament is a quirky manufacturer that produces PLAs in some interesting earth tones. Shipping is not free, but 1.5Kg spools are priced competitively with smaller spools from other sources. MadMaker seems to be slow in restocking and has been out of everything for many months as of July 2021.

  • MakeShaper was acquired by Keene Valley Plastics and continues to provide a value filament line available in 1, 2.25 and 5Kg spools.

  • Overture 3D was the original manufacturer of Amazon’s AmazonBasics line, although Amazon has since switched to a new, (IMO lower quality) source. Overture ships filament on nice spools with view slots for viewing approximate weight and length remaining on the spool.

  • Paramount 3D produces some unique military and sci-fi themed colors that are well suited to printing miniatures. Paramount recently switched to clear spools that allow viewing the amount of filament remaining. Also available on Amazon Prime. Free shipping.

  • Zyltech produces a variety of filament. They occasionally offer bundles of 8 spools at discounted prices.

10.2.3. Recycled filament

  • 3D Fuel produces their “ReFuel” series made from internal filament waste. This filament varies in color from batch-to-batch, but is inexpensive and may be suitable for prototyping. I’ve had mixed consistency with this filament, but it’s great for quick-and-dirty prints.

  • GreenGate 3D is a US-based company that manufactures recycled PETG filament on 1 and 3Kg spools. Their PETG prints very nicely and is available in a variety of colors. Shipping is $7.50 for single spools, free for orders over $49. GreenGate3D also offers discounts for military, first responders, and others.

  • Overture 3d produces an Eco PLA. While not truly “recycled”, this filament is produced from internal filament waste.

  • Polymaker has added a PolyTerra PLA line to their selection. This filament is advertised as providing better biodegradability, a fully recycled particle board spool, a “plant a tree” promise, and a $19.99 price. PolyTerra is available in a unique range of pastel colors.

  • RePLAy 3D is a US-based company that manufactures recycled ABS and PLA filament. Shipping is roughly $5, but includes return shipping for scraps you ship back. I’ve had great results with their PLA, although it’s only available in black. Update: As of Apr 22, 2022, RePLAy 3D seems to be offline.

10.2.4. MasterSpool/Spooless filament

MasterSpool was an initiative to reduce waste from non-recyclable spools initiated by RichRap MasterSpool and other spooless filament “refills” are available. Old eSun 2-piece spools can be re-used. RichRap’s printable design is available on Thingiverse as are dozens of others.

Contact and feedback

You can find me on the Prusa support forums or Reddit where I lurk in many of the 3D printing-related subreddits. I occasionally drop into the Official Prusa 3D discord server where I can be reached as bobstro (bobstro#9830). You can email me directly at projects@ttlexceeded.com.

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