2.5. Using and customizing Raise3D ideaMaker

Raise3D ideaMaker is a slicer produced by Raise3D Corporation. While ideaMaker is free, it is not open source. As such, the source code is not available, and community contributions are limited to feature enhancement requests in the Raise3D forums.


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ideaMaker provides support options very similar to Simplify 3D. It is a very nice slicer with a nice array of features. Unfortunately, with the rapid development of PrusaSlicer, I am not using Raise3D ideaMaker much these days.

2.5.1. Downloading Raise3D ideaMaker

You can find ideaMaker on the Raise 3D website. You’ll also find a link to a downloadable PDF manual on that same page.

2.5.2. Prusa i3 Mk3 profiles for Raise3D ideaMaker

I’ve created some basic Prusa Profiles for ideaMaker. I’ve done basic testing with these profiles, but please consider them a starting point rather than a final product.


ideaMaker content

|IM| 3.4beta screenshot

Fig. 2.31 Raise3D ideaMaker 3.4beta screenshot

|IM| template selection

Fig. 2.32 Raise3D ideaMaker template selection

Raise3D ideaMaker provides custom support features very much like Simplify 3D.

|IM| custom support

Fig. 2.33 Raise3D ideaMaker template selection

|IM| custom support preview

Fig. 2.34 Raise3D ideaMaker custom support preview

One unique Raise3D ideaMaker feature is the ability to override just about any slicer setting in your filament profiles.

|IM| filament settings and overrides

Fig. 2.35 IM| filament settings and overrides

You can also specify custom start g-code on a per-filament basis, making customization for filament-specific settings such as Linear Advance (M900 Kxx) easy.

|IM| filament-specific g-code

Fig. 2.36 Raise3D ideaMaker filament-specific g-code



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