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2.2.11. Sample PrusaSlicer presets for the Prusa i3 Mk3 and Artillery/Evnovo Sidewinder X1

I’ve bundled up a working set of PrusaSlicer profiles for the Prusa i3 Mk3 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 series 3D printers. These profiles cover a range of nozzle size, speed, and quality settings for each printer.


Prusa has made significant changes to the layout of configuration profiles. These profiles should work with all recent versions of PrusaSlicer. However, some features have changed and are not yet implemented in these samples:

  • PrusaSlicer now uses physical printer profiles for OctoPrint configuration.

  • PrusaSlicer now allows the use of custom images for print bed and texture appearance.

If something seems to stop working after importing these presets, see my notes page on PrusaSlicer presets: .

I’ve worked with each of these profiles, but make no warranty as to their suitability for use on your printer. Be careful if you have not calibrated your current nozzle and 1st layer/Live-Z settings. I have done some basic prints using each of these settings, but they are all “experimental” and not guaranteed perfect. Use at your own risk!


These notes are based on my experiences with the Prusa i3 Mk3 and Artillery/Evnovo Sidewinder X1 printers. If you are using a different printer, please verify the hardware details are similar.

I maintain separate configuration files for a variety of uses. These profiles are provided as a PrusaSlicer config bundle containing a combination of printer, print and filament profiles. Each custom profile name contains the date last updated to avoid confusion.

  • Print Settings profiles for each printer that provide different layer heights, speeds and other settings for quality.

  • Printer Settings profiles for each printer for different nozzle sizes and hardware settings.

  • Filament Settings profiles for custom filament profiles I have developed. These are shared between all printers for now.

  • Prusa filament profiles extracted periodically from the Prusa source, modified to allow use with all printers.

For more information on the content and format of configuration bundle files, see my notes page on PrusaSlicer presets: PrusaSlicer profiles for the Prusa i3 Mk series:

Thanks to /u/Linkitch for the heads-up on the redundant start gcode.


For printers other than the Mk3S and Mk3S+, I use a PINDA warmup procedure. This is to ensure a consistent ambient temperature for mesh bed leveling with older PINDA probe versions. You’ll notice the nozzle will warm to 160C and move to the center-rear of the heated bed as it warms to 35C. Nothing seems to happen, particularly on the first print of a session in a cold setting. Be patient and monitor the temperatures under Support->Temperatures on the printer menu. Once the PINDA probe has warmed to 35C, the print will continue. More information on this procedure can be found in my Customizing PrusaSlicer start g-code notes. PrusaSlicer profiles for the Artillery Sidewinder X1 series: PrusaSlicer profiles for all printers:

Prusa recently made changes to the way system profiles work with custom printer presets.

  • My custom filament profiles. These are presets I’ve created and tuned for filaments I have worked with regularly.

  • Extracted Prusa filament profiles. These are copies of the Prusa filament profiles as of December, 2020, with all dependencies removed so they can be used with custom or non-Prusa printers.

For more information on these changes, see my notes page on PrusaSlicer presets Using configuration bundles

To use these profiles:

  1. Download the config bundle (.ini file).

  2. Open PrusaSlicer and select File->Load Config Bundle.

  3. Select the configuration bundle .ini file and select OK.

PrusaSlicer will display an indicator that the custom profiles have been successfully imported:

Successful |PS| printer profile import

Fig. 2.11 Successful PrusaSlicer printer profile import

Check your Printer Settings, Filament Settings and Print Settings to confirm that the custom profiles have been loaded.

Imported |PS| printer profiles

Fig. 2.12 Imported PrusaSlicer printer profiles

Contact and feedback

You can find me on the Prusa support forums or Reddit where I lurk in many of the 3D printing-related subreddits. I occasionally drop into the Official Prusa 3D discord server where I can be reached as bobstro (bobstro#9830). You can email me directly at

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