# Bob’s Project Pages

## What is this place?

I’m a firm believer in [Rubber Duck Debugging](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging), the process of solving a problem by explaining it. Rather than consulting an expert, try to clearly explain the problem to a fellow human or even an inanimate object (such as a rubber duck). The solution is likely to be obvious once you’ve examined the problem thoroughly.

These notes are my attempts to fully understand a variety of tech-related problems by explaining them. In this case, to a text editor.

Here’s more on the [Rubber Duck Troubleshooting methodology](https://blog.codinghorror.com/rubber-duck-problem-solving/).

## Who is this guy?

I’m Bob. I’ve been making my way in this world doing computer, programming, network and cyber security work as a designer, integrator, installer, maintainer, trainer and consultant for a very long time. It’s in those last two roles that I’ve found this approach quite useful.

## Standard disclaimer applies

Be forewarned that I don’t claim to be a particular expert in any of these topics. I’m not charging for admission, nor am I generating ad revenue from these pages. I do hope that my explanations of these project challenges will be useful. If not, may I suggest explaining your problem to a rubber duck?